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For five generations, the Hansel family has been a key player in California's developing transportation industry. Beginning in 1851 with Joseph Hansel, who sold horse-drawn carriages, the legacy continued on with his son, who opened the first California Cadillac dealership in 1901.

In 1961, Walter Hansel opened the Hansel family's first dealership in Sonoma County. He believed that he had a responsibility to give back to the community that supported him, his family, and his business. At that time Hansel and several other local business leaders founded the 'Community Chest,' which later became the local chapter of the United Way.

Though a lot has changed since 1961 - gas is no longer costs 31 cents per gallon, TVs have more than three channels, American cars are not the only models dominating the roads - the Hansel family's loyalty to its customers and community remains steadfast. 

 Justin Hansel
Henry Hansel

The current leadership of Hansel Auto is in the hands of father and son, Henry and Justin Hansel. Under their direction, the Hansel organization has grown into eight auto center locations representing twelve car manufacturers, including BMW, Acura, Volkswagen, Subaru, Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Scion, and Henry Curtis Ford. In keeping with the eco-friendly culture of Northern California, almost all brands carried by Hansel offer hybrid or electric vehicles.

As long-time residents of Sonoma County, with a staff of over 500 - most of whom are from the North Bay - community involvement is an essential part of the Hansel business ethos. Today, the Hansel family's commitment to the local community is stronger than it has ever been.

A part of that commitment is in providing the best customer service experience possible, whether that be in Hansel buildings, using Hansel services, or interacting with Hansel employees. While Hansel always strives to improve its services and hire the best people in the business, it is Hansel's physical presence that is currently undergoing a rapid change.

Recently, BMW decided to radically change their retail model, completely redeveloping the digital, physical and interpersonal experience at their dealerships. This update brings along a cleaner, more intuitive design, as well a renewed emphasis on addressing customer needs. Named Future Retail, this new concept was immediately adopted by the Hansel BMW dealership; the building has been remodeled to reflect this new approach in auto sales, and was one of the first dealerships in the country to do so.

The Volkswagen dealership also underwent a remodel, updating the entire facility to a distinctively modern aesthetic and elevating the quality of the customer's experience. Continuing this trend of improvement, the Hansel Toyota building in Petaluma is about to undergo a similar renovation, with construction to be completed in mid-2015.

Hansel Auto recently completed the construction and development of its Auto Campus Parts Center, a retail parts store that combines four of the world's most popular car brands. Located in Santa Rosa, this updated center streamlines the comprehensive inventory of high-quality OEM parts and allows staff to be more efficient in addressing client needs.

While Hansel focuses on providing new facilities and user experiences, that isn't to say they solely focus on new car models. Offering a wide range of pre-owned automobiles from all carried brands, Hansel currently has around 600 different pre-owned vehicles available.

Hansel Auto's culture strikes a balance between progress and tradition - this equilibrium is upheld through continuous work to improve the Hansel experience and adapt to changing times, while still maintaining roots in the community. Each year that passes is a renewed commitment to the original values of civic engagement and dedication to customers set out at the foundation of Hansel Auto.                   


A number of local organizations and charities
Hansel Auto has invested in include:

American Heart Association
Boys and Girls Club of Marin and Southern Sonoma Counties
  C.O.T.S (Committee on the Shelterless)
Green Music Center at Sonoma State University
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Petaluma Education Foundation
Petaluma Valley Hospital
Redwood Empire Food Bank
United Way
Volunteer Center of Sonoma County



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